25 January, 2020

Brown Family sales manager's tips for increasing basket value

Brown Family sales manager's tips for increasing basket value

Brown Family Wine Group's National Field Sales Manager Justin Woodford has given his insights on the future of wine retail to StayinFront in a Leadership Perspectives article.

Woodford noted that while consumers are purchasing less, they are seeking more premium products and therefore increasing their basket value.

“They are continuously aspiring to drink better quality, hence, spending more as a result,” he said.

“One of our roles as a key supplier is to continually deliver category growth, so this current consumer trend is in line with what we are trying to achieve."

Woodford suggested it was important for retailers to ensure they are making the shopping experience as seamless as possible.

“Shopping for wine is daunting since the number of options are unequalled by any other food or beverage category, so we work hard with customers to provide solutions to make life easier for the shopper to ensure they are not intimidated by the experience,” he said.

“Because shoppers are more time poor than ever, there is definitely an opportunity within the retail environment to increase the focus on engaging them around occasion as opposed to price.

“Supplementing this with increased staff education, diverse ranging, engaging occasion displays and an ‘easy to navigate’ footprint and we’re on our way.”

Woodford (pictured above) explained that trade promotions were still an important part of the mix, but that suppliers needed to be on their game. 

“Building brand equity through connection with consumers remains at the heart of our activation plans and we continue to search for different ways to add value to the consumer proposition – the environment is becoming more and more cluttered, reinforcing the importance of market leading brands and innovation,” he said.

Innovative marketing and strong organic growth meant Brown Family Wine Group has evolved immensely over the past few years "to become a true multi-branded business with an increasing footprint across the retail and on-premise channels".

As for the latest trends in wine varietals, Woodfood said he was favouring Brown Brothers Tempranillo and Devil’s Corner Resolution Pinot Noir – both “approachable, lighter reds”.

“In regard to what consumers are drinking in the wine category, we are definitely seeing a number of on-trend varietals and styles fueling this growth such as Prosecco, Rosé and Pinot Noir,” he concluded.

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