29 February, 2020

Drinks industry leaders join mentoring program

Drinks industry leaders join mentoring program

Many of the drinks industry's biggest names have joined the inaugural Women in drinks/Serendis Mentoring Program to champion diversity in their business.

There are 58 participants in the 2017 program, from companies including Australian Vintage, Brown-Forman, Bacardi-Martini, Campari, Casella, CUB, CCA, Lion and McWilliams. 

The impressive list of mentors for the 2017 program are: Richard Jillings, N. Marc Satterthwaite, Cameron Tully, Tanya Marler, Jeff McWilliam, Ben Slocombe. Arindam Varanasi, Paul Gloster. Matt Tallentire, Kerrie Dewey, David Stingl, Greg Husband, Mark Powell, Nicole Stanners, Andrew McNamara, Scott Burton, Bill Webb, James Brindley, Rodney O'Connell, Peter Filipovic, Michelle Phipps, Tobias Hoogewerff, Sandra Chaplin, David Segreto, Sally Byrne, Brad Madigan, Judd Michel and Darren West.

"It's incredibly rewarding to see the level of support the drinks industry is giving the Serendis Mentoring Program," said the drinks association CEO Sandra Przibilla. "the drinks association is thrilled to have joined with Women in drinks to bring the program to life and promote diversity of thought and leadership at a senior level in our member companies."

The executives gathered at North Sydney yesterday to be briefed on the cross-industry program. Designed to help talented women develop their readiness for leadership roles, it will also give senior leaders and influencers in the industry insights into the benefits, enablers and barriers to women in their organisation and the sector.

Maud Lindley, the founding director of Serendis Leadership Consulting, told executives at the mentors' initial briefing they were "a room of change agents" who had the chance to challenge perspectives in the drinks industry and be advocates for inclusion.  

"Diversity will fail without inclusion," she noted. 

Mentors will share their own experiences and learnings with their mentees, while also receiving insights on how to enable real cultural change within their organisations. 

Lindley urged the participants to be honest, open and non-judgemental with each other within the confidential framework of the program.  

The briefing was followed by a joint mentee-mentor cockail event and panel discussion, against the stunning backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Click here to view photographs from the event. 

Pictured: N. Marc Satterthwaite, Michelle Pelizzari and Andrew McNamara.