18 February, 2018

Turia Pitt on the challenges of first-time motherhood

Turia Pitt on the challenges of first-time motherhood

Turia Pitt, guest speaker at Women in drinks' International Women's Day event, has revealed how she's tackling the challenges of first-time motherhood.

Pitt notes: "In 2011, I was living the life I’d always dreamed about. I was 24, fit, healthy and I’d landed my dream job working as a Mining Engineer for a prestigious diamond mine in Western Australia. I worked hard, I made good friends and every scrap of spare time was spent rock climbing, camping, swimming and exploring remote parts of Australia with [my partner] Michael.

"And then, one day, I entered a 100km ultramarathon.

"I was just over a quarter of the way through the race when I encountered an out of control grassfire. Trapped by the flames, I suffered burns to 65% of my body. 

"My life was drastically changed.

"I lost seven of my fingers, spent over six months undergoing excruciating rehabilitation in hospital and doctors said I would never walk, run, or be independent again."

But Pitt proved her doctors very wrong.

"I’ve crossed two Ironman finish lines, raised over a million dollars for charity, written two bestselling books and created a thriving business," she revealed in a recent newsletter. "The life I’ve created, with [partner] Michael (and now Hakavai) by my side is one that constantly blows me away."

Pitt shared details of her birth story this week, noting that "When we got to the hospital, they admitted us, put a canular in (it can be quite tricky finding a vein underneath my scars)."

She also needed an episiotomy and then a ventose to help deliver Hakavai.

"They placed him on my chest and I started breastfeeding half an hour later," she revealed.

She admitted adapting to motherhood has been tough.

"Parenting is hard," she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. "'I've got a baby that sleeps, a supportive partner, parents and in-laws on speed dial, heaps of mates who've had babies and I'm still finding it really challenging and exhausting." 

Breastfeeding was also tricky at first.

"I actually found breastfeeding really hard at the beginning," she said.

"But then I realised it was the first time I'd ever breastfeed and it was Hakavai's first time too and the first time you try anything new you're not going to be an expert at it! We're not experts (yet) but we're definitely getting the hang of it.

"I love you Hakavai."

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