24 March, 2019

How Wine Australia can help your business thrive

How Wine Australia can help your business thrive

Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark explains the role the organisation plays as the single Australian Government statutory service group for the Australian grape 
and wine community.

In the 12 months to September 30, Australia exported $2.17billion in wine to more than 122 destinations around the world. 

Over that year, the value of exports grew by 10%, with growth primarily being driven by bottled exports, particularly at higher price points. 

More than half of the total value growth was in wines priced at $10 or more per litre FOB. The value of these wines was up 28% to a record $547million. 

Bottled exports grew by 14% to $1.8billion and the average value of bottled exports increased by 9% to $5.47 per litre free on board (FOB), a 13-year high. 

Wine Australia’s role

Approving exports and providing support to our 1743 active wine exporters to understand market requirements is one of Wine Australia’s key roles.

Wine Australia is the Australian Government statutory authority responsible for marketing wine, investing in research, development and extension (RD&E), and regulating exports. 

We are funded by grapegrowers and winemakers through levies and user-pays charges, and by the Australian Government, which provides matching funding for RD&E investments. 

Our goal is for a prosperous Australian grape and wine community and we strive to support our community’s success through global marketing campaigns and events, research initiatives, market insights and regulatory assistance.

Contributing to the Australian economy

The wine sector is an important and valuable contributor to Australia. Wine is a unique, premium product created in Australia’s 65 regions by highly skilled winegrape producers and winemakers. 

The wine sector brings together agriculture, sophisticated production and tourism, and the sector’s benefits extend well beyond direct economics by contributing to the enhancement of our global reputation as both a tourism destination and fine wine producer. 

Independent economic research shows the Australian wine sector contributes $40.2billion to the national economy and supports 172,736 full- and part-time jobs, most of which are located in regional Australia. 

An integral part of Australia’s tourism offering, wine-related tourism contributes $9.2billion to the economy; accounts for 15.8 million domestic visitor nights and 44.2 million international visitor nights. 

Growing exports

We are an export-focused country and, in partnership with the sector, we work to build interest and enthusiasm for our wines around the globe. 

We share with the international trade, media and consumers the stories about the natural advantages of the unique and diverse grapegrowing attributes 
of Australia – its terroirs – that are brought to life by its people. 

Our marketing and promotional initiatives are supported by staff in Australia, China, the US and the United Kingdom and, last year, we conducted more than 120 marketing activities and events. Our Australian and in-market teams also provide knowledge, insights and assistance to Australian wine companies wishing to develop new markets and build existing markets for their wine. 

We also provide guidance to companies wishing to export wine, with Export Market Guides explaining the export regulations and requirements in 33 markets, and we help companies comply with international wine composition and labelling requirements. 

We regularly share information with the grape and wine sector through the Wine Australia e-newsletter, a dedicated RD&E e-newsletter, a weekly market bulletin, and articles and editorials. You can subscribe through our website www.wineaustralia.com