24 March, 2019

National Credit Managers Survey results revealed at credit forum

National Credit Managers Survey results revealed at credit forum The Credit Managers’ Forum convenes regularly throughout the year at selected venues in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as via webinar. It’s attended by CFO’s and Credit Managers from member and subscriber companies.

Besides gaining valuable account information, the forums are an excellent opportunity for networking and discussing industry matters. 

The Credit Managers’ Forum is provided to member companies and subscribers only and, as such, the information obtained via the forum may not be shared.  Sharing of information extended to the forum is governed by ACCC guidelines and the drinks association’s membership rules and conditions

The latest credit forum was held at Samuel Smith & Sons in late November. 

Cathy Mills and Casey Millar, from Woolworths’ Transaction Processing Unit gave a presentation on how its transactional processing services operate for for over 2300 stores and distribution centres. Handy information was relayed on the vendor, rebate and unpaid invoice query process. 

Ian Hadwen and David Jovanov also presented the Veda National Credit Managers Survey results.

Among the insights was that concern regarding general economic conditions has increased, reversing a long trend of improving confidence and leading 34% of businesses to expect to be negatively affected. 

Many participants have translated these concerns into tightening credit policies in the last six months.

The next credit forum will be held at William Grant & Sons, North Sydney, on February 2. Presenters will include Daniel Turk from Turks Legal, and Leela Hanson, director, SME – Alliances & Advisors. 

Email kathys@drinks.asn.au for further details.