24 March, 2019

Discovering the power of your voice

Discovering the power of your voice the drinks association associate member Mondo Search recently hosted an inspiring breakfast with Australia’s most in-demand female speaker, Robyn Moore, on “The Power of Your Word.” 

According to Mondo, your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have in your career and Robyn Moore is an expert in harnessing its potential. 

Robyn - who has spent 44 years as a voice-over artist - focusses on what you can achieve with your words and delivery. She helps recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives.

Her presentations are designed to:

>> Re-engage you with your job, purpose, family, relationships and community.

>> Reinvent attitudes and behaviours.

>> Regenerate passion, energy, productivity, laughter and work/home balance.

>> Restore confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times.

The breakfast event was held at the Affectors Academy, in Barangaroo, Sydney. 

“What a fabulous start to the morning,” said our Member Liaison, Kathy Sloan, who was invited to attend, along with drinks trade’s Hannah Sparks.  “Robyn truly has a gift – she was so inspiring. Many of her stories will stay with me for a very long time.”