24 March, 2019

Network breakfast: Shopper Tracker State of the Nation

Network breakfast: Shopper Tracker State of the Nation

Which liquor segments are winning and why?

Shopper Tracker's managing director Simon Ford will present the 2017 State of the Nation report at the drinks association's Network Breakfast on March 22. 

Shopper Tracker provides independent and objective metrics of shopper behaviour and the needs/ perceptions surrounding behaviour in the off premise. It covers occasion and mission, category role, path to purchase, point of purchase, decision hierarchy, consumption metrics and shopper profiling. 

A total of 17,100 shoppers are interviewed each year, with fieldwork running for three months in winter and four months in summer. A “State of the Nation” report is produced at the end of each period, along with five further reports for Beer/ Wine/ Spirits/ RTDs/ Cider, each covering all relevant segments and banners.

Understand who your shopper is, what's important in their choice of product and retailer and where to invest to maximise engagement in your brands. 

DATE: March 22, 2017

VENUE: Luna Park, Sydney

TIME: 7.15am - 9.15am

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