27 January, 2020

Celebrating Contribution to Industry at the 2018 AdAs

Celebrating Contribution to Industry at the 2018 AdAs

The Drinks Association is proud to introduce three Contribution to Industry awards to the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards.

The Gender Equity Award, Inclusive & Diverse Workplace Award and the Corporate Social Responsibility Award will all be presented during the Australian Drinks Awards ceremony on September 13, at The Ivy.

Jennifer Collins, Chair of the Women in Drinks Council; Denis Brown, Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion at Drinks Council; The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon; and The Drinks Association Board Member Michelle Phipps are among the executives who have spent the past months crafting the new awards.

They agree that it's important to recognise and celebrate companies driving positive change in the drinks industry. 

"Like all the Australian Drinks Awards categories, showcasing real-life examples by member companies encourages us all to raise our game," Brown explained.

The Inclusive & Diverse Workplace Award recognises organisations that prioritise diversity and recognise the value of an inclusive workplace for individuals and their organisations.  

Entry into this category is recommended for organisations who demonstrate excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating a diverse and inclusive workplace including people wellbeing initiatives, fair and equitable treatment of employees and corporate values / principles that incorporate cultural change to diversity and inclusion.

Meanwhile, the Gender Equity Award celebrates excellence in gender equity initiatives and programs in the workplace.

The category is recommended for organisations who demonstrate excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating gender equity in the workplace including engagement of women in the workplace, attraction and retention strategies for women, flexible work practices, training and development for women and returning to the workplace programs. 

Building a better industry

The Gender Equity and Inclusive & Diverse Workplace awards are united in their aim to make the drinks industry a more attractive place to work.

"Numerous research initiatives show that diverse and inclusive workplaces outperform non-inclusive environments across many metrics," Brown explained. "On a people level the desire for inclusion is also quite obvious to me – you want people to bring their individual best, and the team/company/industry to achieve better results, managing inclusively will accelerate this.If we are not inclusive, I feel great people will be drawn to other industries and leave.

"At an industry level it is a long term battle for great people and the drinks and the hospitality industry is ultimately a people business."

Collins added: "I’m passionate about the drinks industry and its ability to attract, develop and retain talent – all talent. Our businesses need to reflect the demographic landscapes in which we operate. The business case is clear and well established."

Driving social & environmental change

Meanwhile, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award has been introduced to acknowledge the work drinks companies are doing to promote positive social and environmental change.

"I'm thrilled to see the ADAs turn their attention to the work drinks companies are doing in the corporate social responsibility sphere," Phipps said. "Entering the category is a great way to engage employees who advance these practices!"

Phipps also noted that the company that wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award category would be doing something that epitomises the values and beliefs of responsibility, sustainablity, social consciousness and longevity.

"The drinks industry has always been about producing and distributing products that should be enjoyed responsibly," she said. "This award will highlight best practices but also drives and recognises the need for corporate social responsibility to be part of company accountability, in some cases more so than fiduciary responsibility."

The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon added that even small acts have a big impact, and urged drinks companies of all sizes to enter. 

"This is a growing industry full of conscientious companies who want to make a difference to the world of alcoholic beverages as well as sustainability," Lennon noted. "This award highlights the achievements of those companies who are doing great things in this respect."

Entry is recommended for organisations who demonstrate excellence in initiatives and strategies such as responsible drinking, support of environment, community and/or charity and corporate values/principles that incorporate being a socially responsible organisation.  

This could be any outward facing program or initiative that focusses on any or all of community, environment, charity, responsible drinking and health and wellbeing. 

"I encourage companies with initiatives that advance sustainable practices or have a view to promoting social responsibility to enter as a way of not only being recognised for their work, but also to share best practice within the industry," Lennon said. 

Don't miss out on entering the Contribution to Industry awards

Entry in the Contribution to Industry Awards is via submission and is open to both member and non-member companies. Companies will be asked to provide a brief overview of a challenge their organisation faced or the motivation behind a socially responsible initiative/program and the outcome.

To request submission documents, email The Drinks Association on awards@drinks.asn.au 

Submissions close on June 22, 2018. 

The 2018 Australian Drinks Awards will be held on Thursday, September 13, at The Ivy in Sydney. 

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