19 January, 2020

The Drinks Industry Show: craft spirits are the new black

The Drinks Industry Show: craft spirits are the new black

Consumers are seeking new delights rather than the old standards, so it’s showtime for craft spirits at the 2018 Drinks Industry Show.

Among the interesting spirits that will be on offer to sample are Fable Cream Liqueur and Old Castle Vodka. Both will be part of the Pop Up ‘Liquor City’ experience at The Drinks Industry Show. 

Fable Cream Liqueur, from Australian Liquor Company, is a blend of rum, cream and whisky, combined with the sweetness of caramel and honey; while Old Castle is billed as the "world's smoothest vodka", made from organic winter grain, using age-old techniques since 1485. 

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Drinks Industry Show, a free, two-day event being held at Sydney's Dockside from June 18-19.

Event organiser David Paterson said: “It’s time to meet ‘the maker’ — the maker of the latest brands and tastes in liquor right now. The tastes and brands your customers want. Some of these brands will be well known, some won’t be known well at all. The point is, the 2018 Drinks Industry Show is all about discovering liquor that suits your menu, so your business will stand out.

“We’ll have lots of exciting activation points, as well as two official networking opportunities. The food pairings will bring interesting, innovative food and beverage combinations together, while the Boutique Tasting Lounge will offer the opportunity to sit down, relax, and compare the very latest brands through a series of intimate category tastings. These tastings will engage attendees through all their senses, so they can experience a handpicked selection of fresh and exciting beer, cider, wine and spirit products from different global regions. There is only one tasting session, and it’s free, so arrive early to the Boutique Tastings Lounge!”

Register free now for the 2018 Drinks Industry Show and networking events.

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