26 January, 2020

WEBINAR: How product content can drive sales, save time & reduce costs

WEBINAR: How product content can drive sales, save time & reduce costs

Join a SKUlibrary webinar to find out how to make your products look good in digital channels, while saving time, cost, effort and driving sales and brand engagement.

Full product content with multiple images is now a basic requirement across most retailers. 

SKUVantage specialises in digital content management and has a strong relationship with The Drinks Association as an Associate Member and through its digital content repository service, www.drinkslibrary.com.au

In this 30-minute webinar - "How product content can drive sales, save time & reduce costs" - you'll earn how major brands are engaging with consumers through digital product content; understand the strategy of different retailers and their requirements in relation to product content; discover how you can differentiate your products in digital channels, in a commoditised world; see how product content can be a strategic asset, across business functions, not an unwelcome cost; and hear case studies of how brands have saved time cost and effort, while driving sales through better managed product content.

Imagine if you could:

>> Get more information about your products on retailers web sites 

>> Share all your brands’ assets with someone in less than a minute

>> Avoid having to provide any product content to many retailers

>> Align your product information on brand sites & retailers sites

>> Give your sales team all the product information they needed

>> Take control of the information about your products on Google

>> Easily spot gaps in product information by brand

>> Match up to major brands’ product information, with minimal effort

>> Manage all your non-product digital assets with your product assets

Presented by Dan Roberts, CEO of SKUvantage, sessions will be tailored to Grocery, Pharmacy and Liquor brands.

Liquor focussed sessions will be held on March 8, 15 and 22. 

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