22 January, 2020

AON HR director on the power of inclusion

AON HR director on the power of inclusion

The head of HR at Aon Ireland, Oisín O’Gogáin, has told Silcon Republic that companies must not forget that diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion.

A recent report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions pronounced diversity as “the biggest game-changer” for hiring processes in 2018.

“Lots of organisations, I think, pay lip service to the terms diversity and inclusion,” said O’Gogáin. “I think we have made substantial investments – both monetary and time – and efforts outside of our own organisation.”

O’Gogáin noted that diversity is simply the mix of people that you have in an organisation.

“What we really try to concentrate on is, actually, inclusion, which is: ‘How do you make that broad range of people feel welcome in the workplace?’”

Aon's target around diversity and inclusion?.

“We talk quite fluidly about diversity and inclusion in the workplace to the extent that all hiring managers and people managers must go through a course called ‘The Power of Inclusion’,” said O’Gogáin. “It’s really an education session, which is based around the concept of unconscious-bias training.”

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