25 January, 2020

Liebherr releases new built-in wine cellar

Liebherr releases new built-in wine cellar

Liebherr has announced the arrival of its new EWTdf 3553 Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cellar in Australia.

Features of the model include:

- Eighty (80) bottle capacity (750ml Bordeaux)
- Integrated installation
- Triple glazed tinted glass door
- Fresh air supply via activated charcoal filter
- MagicEye SoftTouch with LCD
- Internal temperature display
- Two independent temperature zones
- Each zone adjustable from 5 to 20 degrees
- Dimmable LED interior lighting
- Nine handcrafted beech wood shelves
- Eight shelves mounted on telescopic rails
- Base shelf in each zone
- SoftSystem hinge - assists door closure

The built-in wine cellar can also be installed using cabinetry to suit the kitchen decor or optional extra stainless steel frame and handle can be purchased to create a stainless steel built-in masterpiece.

The separate wine safes mean red wine, white wine and champagne can be stored separately at their optimum serving temperatures.

What makes Liebherr wine cellars different from a fridge?

In the 1980s, Liebherr used its knowledge of refrigeration to expand its range to include wine cellars. Its wine cellar appliances are specifically designed for purpose and manufactured to house wine for both serving and storage.

There are five principal points that differentiate a wine cellar fridge from a regular fridge: constant temperature, ideal humidity, perfect air quality, vibration free and UV protection.

Wine cellar fridges maintain precise temperatures between 5°C to 20°C. Minimising temperature variance is vital when it comes to long term storage to ensure wine is aged correctly.

They also guarantee ideal conditions for the suppleness of the cork and the prevention of oxidization, with ideal humidity between 50% – 80%, depending on the ambient humidity.

Every zone within a Liebherr wine cellar has an activated charcoal filter to assist in maintaining perfect air quality which is decisive for preserving and maturing wine. Natural untreated beechwood shelves are also important as there are no chemical aromas introduced into the environment which can influence the wines flavour. Perfect air quality also reduces the instance of mould on corks and labels stored long term.

To prevent wine from being disturbed, all Liebherr compressors are mounted on ‘isolation blocks’ designed to absorb vibrations.

All Liebherr glass door wine cellars are tinted and double glazed to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays causing discolouration to labels and unwanted reactions to your wine.

In the commercial sector, Liebherr's energy-efficient wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets offer specialised compressors, insulated glass doors with UV protection, and activated charcoal filters to guarantee safe storage for the wines, protecting them from harmful influences.

Recommended storage and serving temperatures for wine:

– 5°C to 7°C – champagne and sparkling wine

– 8°C to 10°C – white wine

– 11°C – storage of all wine varieties

– 11°C to 13°C – rose and dessert wine– 14°C to 18°C – red wine