23 January, 2020

How to get bigger wins with digital merchandising

How to get bigger wins with digital merchandising

Thinking about digital merchandising but don't know if it's just hype or a real game changer?

Our corporate partner StayinFront is hosting a webinar on Thursday, December 7 at 10am AEDT that will explore how companies are using digital merchandising to get bigger wins.

The webinar will cover:
The truth about your store-level data
The reality and value of store-level information
Metrics that improve performance, compliance and sales
7 steps to successfully implementing digital merchandising

Why image recognition matters to drinks

Image recognition technology is enabling consumer goods manufacturers across the globe to increase sales force productivity, improve shelf condition insights and help drive incremental sales. StayinFront and Lab4motion Solutions have joined forces to offer the market leading, fully integrated retail execution and image recognition solution.

While image recognition in a consumer goods context presents significant productivity benefits by reducing the time spent in visits by reps, the real value lies in the accuracy of the data; and how it is applied to make better business decisions.

For drinks companies, it means you can take photos on the road to gain deeper insights into the shelf conditions in every outlet.

A recent case study for a large European CPG company proved image recognition provided a 12.2% increase in availability; 5.1% increase in share of shelf; and reduced time spent in visits by 10%.

Wojciech Stramski, Head of Business Development, Lab4Motion Solutions and Clarence Dent, VP, Southeast Asia and Australasia, StayinFront, will both present at the webinar.

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