25 January, 2020

OnTap Data launches new platform to revolutionise liquor industry

OnTap Data launches new platform to revolutionise liquor industry

OnTap Data has partnered with the world’s number one business intelligence platform, BOARD, to revolutionise data analysis for the Australian liquor industry.

Data has always been equated to spreadsheets and analytics, but OnTap’s newly launched BOARD platform offers a comprehensive set of features not found in any other business intelligence and performance management software.

BOARD seamlessly integrates data discovery, planning, forecasting, analytics and visualization into one single view, easily accessible on any device, computer, tablet or mobile to make your business more portable, efficient and organised.

The new OnTap platform can be configured to automate the building of sophisticated data mining and predictive models, in turn driving better decision-making by empowering customers to analyse backwards and do forward predictions on any number of metrics.

Director of the project, John Bruzzaniti said: “Our customers are busy people and our goal has always been to simplify their data, so they can make smarter and faster business decisions.”

“After extensive research, we found BOARD was the only software platform, that seamlessly unifies business intelligence, performance management, analytics and data discovery in a single product. Drawing on our extensive experience we customised it to present liquor industry data and analytics in a stunningly visual format that has, quite simply, changed how management view and use the insights OnTap Data provides.

“Our customers are no longer required to drill into complicated spreadsheets and tables to understand their business performance, it’s now available visually, on any device, allowing them to make real time, on the go, intelligent decisions for their business."

Early adopters of the program, Bacardi-Martini have found that it has better equipped them to understand their business and make key decisions in a timelier manner.

“We have never been in a stronger position to measure and track our performance, both at a strategic business level and at a field sales team level. I highly recommend OnTap Data to any business looking to strengthen and take control of their data and business intelligence,” said Brendan Mitchell from Bacardi.

The OnTap business intelligence solution is now available for suppliers, retail groups and their associated venues. You can view the website for more details.