27 January, 2020

IRI partners with Clavis Insight to help brands thrive online

IRI partners with Clavis Insight to help brands thrive online

IRI, leading provider of big data and predictive analytics has just partnered with Clavis Insight, the global leader in e-Commerce intelligence for product manufacturers.

The alliance is set to deliver an unprecedented level of insights and analysis about the relationship with online presence and performance of brands. Moreover, the combined services will enable brand owners to optimise their online channel representation, drive profitable e-Commerce growth and protect brand equity.

Push to strengthen drinks industry brands online

It is estimated that Australians spend $22.23 billion annually on online retail, with this figure expected to continue to grow.

This, combined with the imminence of Amazon’s launch in Australia, has the drinks industry fearing it could disrupt traditional alcohol retail, having already threatened Coles and Woolworths.

With Amazon’s fast-paced delivery and cheaper prices, there's speculation the company will be able to trump physical alcohol outlets.

At a time of such online growth, and given the pending launch of Amazon, the IRI and Calvis Insight stress the importance of brands optimising their online performance across expanding online channels.

“I am excited to announce our alliance with Clavis Insight, which will enable our clients to track and assess their brands’ online performance to complement their bricks and mortar sales data,” says Caroline Chantry, Client Service Director at IRI.

“Together, we will allow brands to identify and capitalise on rapidly emerging e-Commerce growth opportunities, and maximise omni channel sales and market share growth opportunities.”

Declan Kearney, Managing Director at Clavis Insight APAC adds: "Clavis Insight has experienced strong growth in the Australian market over the past couple of years. The IRI alliance gives us great scope to continue to significantly expand our customer base and our local market presence and expertise."

IRI and Clavis Insight are respected industry leaders in their fields and currently share many leading global brands as customers such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé and Bayer.