25 January, 2020

Brown-Forman finalist in 2017 AHRI awards for diversity & inclusion

Brown-Forman finalist in 2017 AHRI awards for diversity & inclusion

Congratulations to Brown-Forman on being a finalist in the 2017 Australian Human Resources Institute Awards (AHRI) in two award categories.

The company is up for both The Michael Kirby AC LGBTIQ Inclusion Award and the Workplace Inclusion Award.

The AHRI Awards is Australia’s most prestigious HR awards program and the awards categories are independently judged by an advisory panel of global leaders from HR and business.

They celebrate Individual and organisation HR excellence, in categories including inclusion and diversity, innovation and creativity, disability employment, gender equity, HR technology and more.

"Brown-Forman Australia is very proud to be nominated as finalists in the Australian Human Resources Institute's 2017 Awards," said Michelle Phipps, Vice President, HR ANZ/SEA/North Asia Brown-Forman. "The work of the Chairs and members of the three employee resource groups PRIDE (LGBTQI), GROW (Growing Remarkable and Outstanding Women) and Young Professionals committees as well as the region's Diversity and Inclusion Council has been exemplary. Even if Brown-Forman does not 'win' in either category, thanks goes to these passionate people who make the Brown-Forman culture unique and a great place to work."

AHRI noted that Brown-Forman faced a lack of clear direction, strategy, leadership, and risk of tokenism in the LGBTIQ diversity and inclusion space. To address this, initiatives were enacted that actively endorsed the idea of being one’s ‘whole self’ at work, and promoted awareness, education, and community engagement.

The Brown-Forman Employee Resource Group PRIDE was overhauled and recreated to promote awareness, provide education, engage the community and foster workplace diversity and inclusion. Activations under PRIDE included the Night of Inspiration, Pass It On initiative, awareness training and partnership with Mardi Gras.

According to AON Hewitt, average Australian engagement scores sit around 58%. Since championing diversity and inclusion, Brown-Forman has seen an increase in engagement score to 71%, well above average. Brown-Forman also enjoys a completion rate of 88%, indicating a highly engaged workforce.

The winners will be announced on November 29 at the AHRI Awards Dinner.