25 January, 2020

FIX Corp strengthens ties with the drinks industry

FIX Corp strengthens ties with the drinks industry

FIX Corp, a company that partners with retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to provide operational process solutions and functional business support services, is expanding its reach within the drinks industry.

The company’s Business Development Manager Ceri Gibson said FIX combines "extensive liquor industry knowledge and excellence in the delivery of multiple operational business functions", which means the company is well positioned to help to improve businesses' performance and profitability.

Gibson has previously worked for the Advantage Group and believes the combination of her previous skills and her team’s collaborative and positive ‘solution driven’ mindset is what makes it possible to help strengthen ties with the liquor industry.

“Our current customer base is mainly in the Petrol & Convenience channel. However, FIX is currently in an expansion plan into other businesses, targeting liquor”, says Gibson.

“FIX is a great engine room to provide solutions for our clients for continuous improvement and simplification of business processes to achieve clients business goals."

Gibson explains various services provided by FIX that support liquor businesses – including suppliers, retailers, wholesalers - to improve business performance and profitability.

These services include:

 • Data Management: rebate management and collation, customer database management, price file management, administrative functions.

• Retail operations: product compliance checks and audits at store, space planning (planogramming), merchandising and analysis.

• Program Co-ordination: promotions co-ordination, marketing co-ordination, category management.

• Customer Service: management of inbound inquiries from retailer sites, 24 hour turn around.

• Process Improvement: fix Corp work with you to identify, analyse and improve existing business process.

“FIX Corp can provide any operational services to the drinks association members individually or collectively as a group, being consistent with the goals of the drinks association in strengthening and creating a financially sound liquor industry at a lower cost”, explains Gibson.

An example of an opportunity FIX can offer the drinks industry is the development of an industry compliance check at liquor retailer sites, notifying suppliers of promotional/product compliance at stores.

Coca-Cola Amatil and Asahi Beverages have worked with Fix in the past, both giving strong testimonials to its services.

“The development of the online promotional submissions tool has allowed for more accurate and efficient end to end management for promotions”, says Coca-Cola Amatil National Business Manager.

“The system has also given better visibility on the status of promotions, and ensures both supplier and retailer are working from the most current submission.

“The ability to select the exact SKU’s (stock keeping units) to appear on the point of sale has created better continuity with above the line marketing campaigns, and ensures that these communications previously completed in the email are easily captured in the one place.”

Asahi Beverages National Sales Manager added: “The online submission portal provides an aligned submitting method which is easy to track for both supplier and retailer.

“The ‘approved’ response back from the Category Manager was valuable as it provided official confirmation.”

If you are interested in learning more about how FIX Corp can benefit your company, visit its website: www.fixcorp.com.au