25 January, 2020

Great Northern Brewing takes out Best Sales Achievement at 2017 AdAs

Great Northern Brewing takes out Best Sales Achievement at 2017 AdAs

Congratulations to Great Northern Brewing Co on winning Best Sales Achievement at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards.

The Award was presented last night to the Great Northern team by the drinks association CEO Georgia Lennon.

It's the second year running the CUB brand has scored the top honour. Named after CUB’s first brewery in Queensland, the brand has been a runaway success since launching seven years ago. 

A push among consumers to live healthier is contributing to mid-strength and low-alcohol becoming the fastest-growing categories in beer.

Celebrating International Beer Day last month, Brewers Association CEO Brett Heffernan noted: “Beer has flowed with the times. Over the last decade we have seen the popularity of low- and midstrength beers grow markedly to account for one-quarter of all beer sales in Australia today. 

"Australian brewers continue to invest in low- and mid-strength options, giving people greater choice and more control over their alcohol consumption. Beer is the only alcohol category that provides credible options for people to moderate their consumption. 

The category continues to boom, with Great Northern leading the charge. In the last quarter, Super Crisp increased its share of mid-strength over the same period last year from 14% to 30% and its share of total beer from 3.2% to 5.7%.

Best Sales Achievement is determined by the brand with the highest incremental volumetric sales from the previous 15 months, including market (total domestic sales on and off-premise, excluding duty free and exports), product and sales. 

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