26 January, 2020

Key insights from 2017 Trade Survey Report

Key insights from 2017 Trade Survey Report

Casella Family Brands and Asahi Premium Beverages were the joint winners of Supplier of the Year at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards.

Why did they come out on top? The answer lies in the 2017 Trade Survey Report.

For the past 10 years, Advantage Australia has been conducting a benchmark study to measure how favourably suppliers are regarded by retailers in both the on and off-premise, which is used to determine Supplier of the Year. 

"As each year progresses, we are encouraged by the increased levels of engagement received for the program and the quality of feedback provided from both retailers and suppliers, highlighting collective opportunities to drive greater collaboration and business alignment," said John McLoughlin, Group Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of Advantage Australia.

Want to know more about the report?

The annual drinks association 2017 Trade Survey Report is now available for members to view on the drinks central website.

Four top insights came out of the report:

Insight No.1 - Business driving behaviours 

A key differentiator for best in class companies this year was people and their behaviours. Retailers prioritised attributes such as trust, ease of working and skilled teams, and valued those suppliers that delivered against them. 

Insight No.2: Understanding the retailers’ strategy 

"Understands and responds to our unique strategies and goals" is a statement that has significantly increased in importance this year as retailers focus on trying to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Best practice suppliers start by understanding strategies and KPIs of their retail partners and the underlying insights that are driving their thinking.

Insight No.3 - delivering category growth 

How you develop your category management capabilities to lead retailer thinking based on the value of the information and knowledge you share is increasingly a differentiating factor. 

Insight No.4  - Driving operational efficiencies 

How suppliers manage the total supply chain remains central to the overall relationship model. Establishing ‘expert to expert’ relationships and staying well connected, highly responsive and reliable are key pillars to success in this space.

The 2017 Trade Survey Report is made available to all members of the drinks association following the Australian drinks Awards. Click here to view the 2017 Trade Survey Report. 

The drinks association thanks Advantage Australia for being the Award Partner of Supplier of the Year. Pictured above is John McLoughlin, Group Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of Advantage Australia, on stage with Michael Ritoli from Asahi and Mark Churi from Casella. 

John McLoughlin to speak at Network Breakfast

Want to learn more about what retailers are thinking? McLoughlin will discuss the key themes from 10 years of Trade Surveys and will present "Developing Effective Commercial Relationships - What are the key drivers of success in today's trading environment?" at the drinks association's next Network Breakfast.

His presentation will offer an examination of the attributes the correlate with the delivery of successful commercial relationships. It will cover an analysis of the key drivers of collaborative business relationships, the barriers to productive collaboration and where to focus when getting an organisation fit to collaborate. 

Click here to book your seat at the Network Breakfast.