27 January, 2020

Stella Artois wins Best Ad Campaign at 2017 AdAs

Stella Artois wins Best Ad Campaign at 2017 AdAs

Congratulations to Stella Artois on winning Best Ad Campaign for "The History of Sebastian Artois".

Stella Artois, which is owned by AB InBev and distributed by CUB, celebrated its 600-year anniversary in a campaign about its history last year.

The campaign kicked off with the little-known story of Sébastien Artois, its founder. 
"I am Sebastian Artois. Brewmaster. Risk taker," says Artois as the ad opens.

We then follow Sebastian as he decides to buy a brewery for sale and sells all his worldly belongings (including his dog) to acquire it. "What do you want to be remembered for?" Sebastian asks at the end.

The ad was created by an agency called Mother London.

The winner of Best Ad Campaign was chosen based on impact (which ad stands out the most), empathy (which ad strengthens brand affinity, connects with the product, is relevant and has a positive impact on the consumers' overall impression of the brand), communication (which ad best communicates the brand's intended message) and persuasion (which ad has the biggest impact on purchase consideration).

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Watch the video below: