23 January, 2020

Celebrating with the winners at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards

Celebrating with the winners at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards

Congratulations to all the winners at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards. What an amazing night!

Supplier of the Year was a tie this year - both Asahi Premium Beverages and Casella Family Brands took out the top award. Brand of the Year went to Jack Daniel's.

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The other top awards were:

Best Innovation - Pure Blonde Cider

Best Presence in Social Media - Penfolds

Best Sales Achievement - Great Northern Brewing Co

Most Loved Brand - Jack Daniel's

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Bolstering the science behind the awards

Nielsen was once again the judging facilitator at the 2017 Australian drinks Awards.

The company was instrumental in the creation of the AdAs and spent 12 months helping bring them to life when the drinks association decided that our industry needed an awards night that was independent, credible, transparent and relevant.

This year, in a slight twist on previous years, all awards – with the exception of Best Sales Achievement, Supplier of the Year and Brand of the Year – went straight to a Consumer Panel who will determine the winners based on their brand and product preferences.

This important change ensured the awards had the most robust panel yet, highlighting the brands that have resonated the most with drinks consumers. 

Nielsen Pacific CEO, Justin Sargent, said: “This year we have bolstered the science behind the awards and, in conjunction with the drinks association, have made enhancements to the judging criteria to ensure the industry's efforts are best measured.

“We have nearly doubled our sample size from 3200 to 6000 Australian consumers aged over 18 to provide a more granular and representative view of the consumer. We have also made the Social Media award more comprehensive than ever, as we are now evaluating consumers' response to the content of the social media posts (including Facebook) through the consumer survey using Nielsen's Winning Brands methodology." 

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