27 January, 2020

100Proof joins the drinks association

100Proof joins the drinks association

the drinks association is proud to announce 100Proof has become its newest member.

100Proof was launched in July, 2016 and is Australia’s largest independent on-premise drinks specialist.

"It is my pleasure to advise 100Proof has joined the drinks association as a Category 1 Member," said Georgia Lennon, CEO, the drinks association. "We welcome the 100Proof team and look forward to working with them."

100Proof is a one-stop drinks solution delivering extensive product ranging, marketing support, staff training and other tools to more than 5000 restaurants, bars and hotels around Australia.

Directors Paul Murphy (Liquid Mix), Mark Rowe (Paramount Liquor) and Darren Terlich (Liquid Specialty Beverages), bring over 70 years’ combined experience to the 100Proof team. Along with their sons, the next generation of 100Proof, they have introduced a new approach to on-premise drinks wholesaling and marketing, built on personalised relationships and tailored solutions.

“We have built on our long experience of working together and shared values in delivering a trusted, credible on-premise wholesaler network, where transparency and honesty are key motivators to customer relationships,” Murphy told drinks guide last year.

“Because the three companies forming 100Proof have specialised in on premise, there is a deep understanding of the different types of venues that make up the category. We have created an offer tailored to those needs to ultimately enhance the overall drinking experience for the people that visit and enjoy these venues around Australia every day.”