27 January, 2020

Celebrating brand love at the Australian drinks Awards

Celebrating brand love at the Australian drinks Awards

Liebherr is proud to be sponsoring the Most Loved Brand award at this year’s Australian drinks Awards.

“Liebherr is honoured to support an event which recognises brands that work hard to deliver amazing products to the market,” said Dijana Stangolev, Marketing Executive at Andi-Co Liebherr.

Stangolev explained that the company chose to sponsor Most Loved Brand because customer love and loyalty to a brand is paramount to its success.

“This year we thought we would place our support behind the brand that consumers most engaged with and responded towards," she said. "A brand that is loved is a brand that resonates with its audience and creates solid brand awareness in the market.

“The Most Loved Brand Award would provide the winner with the confidence that what they are doing has been effective in the market and that they are on the right track in terms of engaging with their audience.

“It would make the winner think about the next steps towards building on this success and will create a buzz around their brand, especially within the industry.”

However, Stangolev believes that this award shouldn’t make a company complacent – success is about endurance and always planning ahead.

“The Most Loved Brand Award means that a company shouldn’t stop innovating and evolving once they are recognised for their products.

“A company should continue to invest in its products and their people to become better and for the brand to have a long life in the market place. Liebherr are proof of this, they continue to improve and deliver.” 

Liebherr invests millions of dollars in research and development, focussing on how to make its products better and continue to bring innovation to the marketplace.

Liebherr wine cellars are designed to keep wine at the correct temperature, humidity level and safe from UV light to sustain it for best for consumption and cellaring.

“Some people consume for the minute and others age their selection for decades," says Stangolev. "Liebherr products permit the correct temperature for serving and storage.”

Exciting future plans for the company include associations with Microsoft, incorporating the technology into its refrigerators as well as looking to extend its range to include inbuilt wine cellars.

For more information on the company, visit www.liebherr.com.au