19 January, 2020

Jennifer Collins pays tribute to departing WID councillors

Jennifer Collins pays tribute to departing WID councillors

Women in Drinks has welcomed two new Councillors in the past month - Brown-Forman’s Human Resources Manager Judy Massoud and Diageo’s new Senior Communications Manager Charmaine Glase.

Massoud replaced Michelle Phipps, who resigned from the WID council to focus on her roles as a drinks association board member and her involvement in the association's HRD Forum.

Michelle was a founding member of Women in drinks and has been instrumental in building it into the thriving council it is today. 

Glase replaced Kylie Macpherson, who also faces extensive new work commitments following her appointment as Chair of Bundaberg Distillery.

“I’d like to acknowledge contributions of both Michelle and Kylie,” said WID Chair Jennifer Collins. 

“The appointments of Judy and Charmaine and reasons their predecessors departed the council highlight the calibre of women we attract to this amazing team.”

Pictured: Michelle Phipps and Jennifer Collins.