22 January, 2020

Entry requirement changes for the Australian drinks Awards

Entry requirement changes for the Australian drinks Awards

the drinks association has announced changes to the entry requirements for the 2017 Australian drinks Awards.

For example, entries for the Best Sales Achievement Award must now be signed by both the submitter and the Sales Director for the brand.  A representative of equal or higher position will also be accepted.

“Requiring two signatures is our way of demonstrating our dedication to the integrity of the Awards,” said the drinks association CEO Sandra Przibilla.  

All entries for Best Innovation must be a new brand/product/variant/pack format or packaging type that has been introduced into the market between January 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017.  Entries that have showed innovation during this time, but were released before or after aforementioned dates, will not be granted entry.

This change is focused on being able to identify which new brand/product has shown instant success.  “We want to follow this time frame to assure that those who have put time and effort into innovation of their brand are properly recognised,” Przibilla explained.

Of the seven major awards, four will now be judged by consumer panel.  This showcases the industry's commitment to focus on the desires of the consumer, by interacting with them and keeping up on the trends in the market.\

Last year, Carlton & United Breweries took home the overall awards for both Best Sales Achievement and Best Innovation. "Carlton & United has a great track record for identifying trends in the industry and enjoyed success by using unique innovation to reach the consumer directly," said Przibilla.

An entry fee of $495 plus GST applies per entry per category.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s awards on September 7 at the International Convention Centre Sydney in Darling Harbour.

To review all the changes to this year’s Conditions of Entry, visit www.australiandrinksawards.com.au

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