22 January, 2020

Serendis launches Women in drinks Mentoring Program

Serendis launches Women in drinks Mentoring Program

The inaugural Women in drinks Mentoring Program 2017 was launched by the founding director of Serendis, Maud Lindley, at Sydney's Luna Park yesterday.

Representatives from the drinks association member companies ALM, Bacardi-Martini, Brown Forman, Campari, Taylor's Wines, Lion and McWilliams attended, along with Aon Hewitt, BPS Consulting, Metcash, and Touchstone Consulting.

The Chair of Women in drinks, Jennifer Collins, and the Chair of diversity & inclusion @ drinks, Denis Brown, were also there to show support for the initiative. 

The structured Mentoring Program for the Australian drinks industry is aimed specifically at women looking to progress their careers to leadership level.

The six-month experience will include interactive workshops, facilitated group discussions, 6-8 meeetings between mentors and their mentees, plus a panel discussion where mentors answer mentees' questions on career highlights, leadership development and gender diversity. 
Lindley noted that "diverse teams of non-experts perform better than non-diverse teams of experts" when it comes to positive outcomes in the workplace.

She also pointed out that diversity is a trigger that activates teams to "perspective-take more", communicate better with fewer assumptions and more explanations, and be more innovative and flexible. 

The drinks association CEO Sandra Przibilla told the audience she hoped the 2017 Mentoring Program would be the beginning of many future programs facilitated by Women in drinks. 

To register your organisation’s interest and received detailed information about the program and application process contact Bianca Havas on (02) 9371 2910 or at bianca@serendis.com.au.

Applications for mentors and mentees are open until March 31. 

Click here to find out more about the program. 

Pictured: Serendis senior consultant Bianca Havas and WID councillor Nicole Stanners.