25 January, 2020

Innovative content management provider SKUVantage joins the drinks association

Innovative content management provider SKUVantage joins the drinks association

the drinks association is pleased to welcome one of Australia’s leading digital asset management companies, SKUVantage as an Associate Member and 2017 Australian drinks Awards partner.

Specialising in helping clients drive sales, reduce costs and save time with a collaborative one-stop-shop approach to digital content management, SKUVantage

brings a wealth of possibilities to member companies.

The business, which already has a strong relationship with the drinks association through its digital content repository service drinks Library, is excited for the opportunity to provide members with even more ways to expand their digital presence and efficiently communicate their product images and data.

Currently, drinks Library is available to members and subscribers via an online portal at www.drinkslibrary.com.au, where content can be uploaded, accessed and edited for websites, field sales tools and catalogue systems.

The Associate Membership will open up even more opportunities for drinks association members to save time and money when it comes to their digital assets.

Founder and CEO of SKUVantage, Daniel Roberts is looking forward to working more closely with the association. “SKUVantage became a member of the drinks association to both support to the drinks association, and to communicate the advantages of the drinks library proposition to their members,” he said. “the drinks association has a strong reputation of offering value-added services to its members that help to drive sales, reduce cost and minimize business process effort, and we believe that drinks library fits squarely within these objectives.

“In addition, we are excited to be a part of the Australian drinks Awards, as we recognise innovative and compelling marketing strategies within the drinks industry. We look forward to finding out which brands will shine this year!”

To learn more about how SKUVantage can help you, visit www.skulibrary.com/drinks.