26 January, 2020

CUB's World Environment Day celebration

CUB's World Environment Day celebration

Carlton and United employees marked World Environment Day this week by volunteering their time to clean the waterways around the CUB breweries.

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on June 5. It encourages worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The 2019 theme invited people to consider how they can change their everyday lives to reduce the amount of air pollution produced to thwart its contribution to global warming and its effects on personal health.

Staff joined with CUB's Better World Committee for the project. The committee is made up of more than 40 volunteers across the business who are bringing new ideas and helping to implement projects linked to CUB's sustainability goals.

CUB’s Sustainability Manager Kirsten Sturzaker said other CUB activities for World Environment Day included running internal competitions to showcase new ideas for how staff could reduce their carbon emissions.

CUB also provided employees with tips on reducing carbon emissions, whether by catching public transport or riding to work or making sure they turn off electronics and lights when not in use.

The company is also committed to environmental action every day and has ambitious 2025 sustainability goals. One of these centres on climate action, where the business is striving for a 25% reduction in carbon emissions across the entire value chain and committing to running on 100% purchased renewable electricity.

"We are currently installing solar panels on each of our brewery roofs to achieve 100% purchased renewable electricity by 2025," Sturzaker said. "We are also working on projects to increase the recycled content packaging across glass bottles and cans.’ These are just a couple of examples of the sorts of practices being implemented at CUB with the aim of mitigating its impact on, preserving and improving the environment."

Sturzaker added: "I feel responsible for the environment that surrounds me and want to ensure that it stays productive and, as far as possible, pristine for generations to come."