26 June, 2018

Celebrating innovation at the Australian drinks Awards 2016

Celebrating innovation at the Australian drinks Awards 2016

Liebherr is sponsoring the Best Innovation Award at this year’s Australian drinks Awards, a perfect synergy as the company’s business ethos is “Quality, Design and Innovation”.

“We are excited to have the team at Liebherr on board again for the 2016 Australia drinks Awards,” said Sandra Przibilla, CEO, the drinks association. “Their consistent support highlights the strength of these awards and Liebherr are ideally suited to partner the Best Innovation Award for 2016.”

For decades, refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has been renowed for its quality, reliability and longevity. Keeping abreast of new technology and using the highest-quality materials means its equipment is both convenient and energy-efficient.

“We believe if you buy quality products that are designed for the now and the future  - whether it be refrigerators and wine cellars or the drinks industry, innovation is  the only way to stay ahead of changing trends,” George Alikakos, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Andi-CO Liebherr said.

Among the latest features to be incorporated in its refrigerator range is BioFresh. When the BioFresh safe is set to HydroSafe, the humidity increases, and the HydroSafe climate keeps unpackaged fruit, vegetables and salads crisp and fresh for much longer. On the other hand, when the slider is open, the humidity falls and the BioFresh safe becomes a DrySafe, ideal for storing fish, meat and dairy products. When stored in this comparatively dry environment, these products retain their flavour for far longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment – cheese, for example, for up to 100 days.

Meanwhile, Liebherr wine cellars are designed to keep wine at the correct temperature, humidity level and safe from UV light to sustain it for best for consumption and cellaring.

“As we enjoy staying ahead of the market with our innovative products, we cannot wait to see the calibre of innovation in the drinks industry this year,” George added.

For more information, visit www.liebherr.com.au