26 June, 2018

A drink with Jonas Rebellius

A drink with Jonas Rebellius the drinks association has spent the past four years supporting the CAPA International Exchange program, an exciting internship initiative that gives students from global universities the opportunity to live and work in Australia.

Our latest intern, Jonas Rebellius, who is studying marketing in the United States, was integral in driving the communications plan for the relaunch of drinks central, which goes live on August 3. 

Did you enjoy being part of the CAPA intern program at the drinks association?

“During my seven weeks with the drinks association, I felt really well integrated into the team and committed to my work to improve the organisation’s marketing/communication aspect in the industry. The staff members made me feel part of the organisation and the work I contributed benefitted the drinks association as well as me. Furthermore, I enjoyed the work atmosphere. Everyone in the team is really hard working and committed to their obligations, but people are still socialising with each other, which is really important for the work/life balance in my opinion. The team always made sure that I was having a good time in Australia while working with them. Before the weekends, I received several suggestions for what to do and good places to go during my days off which was pretty helpful.”

Were you excited by working on the communications plan for the new drinks central website? 

“I really enjoyed working on a marketing plan for the new drinks central website. I am thankful that the drinks association gave me the opportunity to work on this project which taught many new things regarding digital marketing. One of the highlights was the “TitanDigital” workshop at the Google HQ that communications manager Alana House invited me to go to with her. In order to give back to the drinks association, I hope my input from the last weeks will pay off for a successful launch of the new drinks central homepage.”
Did you enjoy living in Sydney?

“All the experiences I gained in Sydney make it feel like I have been living here forever, but the calendar shows it has been only seven weeks. The reason why I chose Sydney over London for this study abroad program is the great combination of the beautiful landscape of NSW with Sydney’s awesome skyline and harbour. Together with friends I made during this trip, we explored the nature of NSW by hiking in national parks, surfing and swimming at Sydney’s famous beaches or just hanging out at the cliffs along the coast. In the city itself, we visited the famous museums and historical areas with the field trips that were included in the study abroad course. One of the highlights while exploring Sydney was Vivid. I was able to experience the whole three weeks of it. Meanwhile, the fish markets and other delicious restaurants were within walking distance of our accommodation. Being located next to Central Station was really convenient while commuting to work, but also when travelling to attractions outside the CBD. Taking the train to Chatswood every morning was a sightseeing tour itself crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge twice a day. Sometimes I hopped off at Milsons Point after a day of work and walked over it while the sun was setting. Overall, I will miss living in the city and commuting across the Harbour Bridge to work! 

Did you get a chance to travel around Australia?

“Besides Sydney, I went for a weekend to explore Melbourne and in the week following my program ending, I went up north to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef. As much as I want to come back to Australia, I don’t know when I will get the chance to travel down under again. Therefore, I am trying to see as much of the country as possible. On my trip to Melbourne, I was lucky to stay with a friend I met back at my university in the United States. He showed me around and I was able to get a pretty good impression of Melbourne in just a few days. It was wonderful to finish my time in Australia with a visit the Great Barrier Reef and Cairns. All in all, it’s been an incredible experience for me.