23 January, 2020

Nielsen explores drinking habits of live music attendees

Nielsen explores drinking habits of live music attendees

Nielsen's 2018 Music 360 Report has given insights into the drinking habits of live music event attendees. 

While the report focusses on the US live music scene, it gives interesting insights into how music lovers spend their money at gigs.  

The data shows that 52% of the US population attends some sort of live music event each year. Of those, 68% attended a concert, 66% a free outdoor community event involving music, 51% a small live sessions at a bar or cafe, 44% a music festival and 43% a club night featuring a live DJ. 

The number of Millenials attending live music events was up from 60% to 66%.

Attendees were 35% more likely to come from households bringing in more than $80,000 a year, and spend an average of $247 per year on tickets to live music events. 

But the expenditure once they're at the venue goes much higher than $247. 

Nielsen Music’s head of brand partnerships Matthew Yazge told Billboard"They bought their tickets, they’re in the door, a lot of them are going to the merch stand and not necessarily buying music."

Nielsen found attendees are "bigger drinkers" than the general population. They are 34% more likely than the general population to drink spirits (with gin and tequila their favourite tipples); 34% more likely to drink wine (especially sparkling wine) and 27% more likely to drink beer.

"If their phone is in one hand, a drink is in the other," Yazge said, adding that the specific types of drinks surveyed "play into why you see more specific alcohol sponsorships" at events.