20 February, 2019

Business intelligence at your fingertips with BRANDPRINT®

Business intelligence at your fingertips with BRANDPRINT®

the drinks association Associate Member Swigg Consulting has launched a new business intelligence tool that aims to deliver a range of actionable insights to Australian liquor suppliers.

BRANDPRINT® incorporates over 20 years of liquor industry knowledge and analytical expertise, and has been developed to deliver immediate and measureable benefits to subscribers.

Andrew Thomas, Director at Swigg is excited about the new platform.  “Identifying and capitalising on sales opportunities remains the primary focus for liquor suppliers, and can assist retailers in making informed purchasing decisions,” he said. “That’s what BRANDPRINT® is designed to do! It delivers the ‘why’ of the sales results and identifies how to increase sales in the most effective way.” 
BRANDPRINT® works to bring together internal and external data sources into a visual and interactive online Hub.  

Having your key performance indicators in one place dramatically increases usage rates without having to learn a myriad of software platforms. It enables users to easily evaluate their business performance, as well as make informed decisions to deliver better sales performance.  

Simple and intuitive to use, BRANDPRINT® can be accessed on both desktops and mobile devices, with reporting focused on the key drivers required to deliver results. 
Swigg has teamed up with Vision Wine Partners to introduce BRANDPRINT® to potential clients.  

To arrange a demonstration to see how BRANDPRINT® can enhance your business performance, call Nick Blair on 0424 140 571 or Mike Every on 0412 958 533. 
For further information visit www.brandprint.mobi or email info@brandprint.mobi .