19 March, 2019

Celebration dinner announced for drinks industry

Celebration dinner announced for drinks industry

Alcohol Beverages Australia will hold its inaugural celebration dinner for the alcohol beverages industry in August.  

The Celebration of Industry Dinner, to be held on Tuesday, August 15, in the Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra, will provide an opportunity for key industry stakeholders from across Australia to hear from emerging industry stars about trends capturing the public’s imagination and driving the changing way Australians consume and enjoy alcohol beverages.

Attendees will include small business operators from all facets of the alcohol beverages industry, including winemaking, brewing, spirits, retail drinks, restaurant and catering, clubs and hospitality, right up to the most senior executives from the industry’s most well-known Australian and international organisations.  

The event will feature a panel discussion, moderated by journalist Annabelle Crabb, with young and emerging industry stars from the beer, wine, spirits and retailing sectors, and entertainment from James Morrison and Olivia Chindamo.

“The dinner is an exciting opportunity for all members of the industry to join with ABA members to celebrate the fact that Australia’s drinking culture and habits are changing for the better, and this very large and important industry is getting organised and working together on common objectives,” Alcohol Beverages Australia Executive Director Fergus Taylor said.

“The social enjoyment of alcohol beverages with family and friends has always been part of the fabric of our Australian way of life, and the industry’s substantial contribution to quality of life for the nearly 14 million Australians who responsibly consume our products should be celebrated.

“The industry not only provides drinks, entertainment, and important community gathering points that people use every day to relax, celebrate and socialise, but importantly also jobs for more than 400,000 Australians, the foundations which underpin much of Australia’s regional tourism destinations and much-needed financial support to more than 58,000 community groups across Australia.

“I look forward to joining with fellow industry members to celebrate this proud history, along with exciting developments and innovation.”  

For further information or to purchase tickets, email: events@alcoholbeveragesaustralia.org.au or call: (02) 8335 3202.