23 January, 2020

ALDI introduces Family and Domestic Violence Policy

ALDI introduces Family and Domestic Violence Policy

ALDI has introduced a new Family and Domestic Violence Policy that provides 10 days of paid leave annually for full and part-time employees.

Following a review of leave policies, ALDI decided to extend support to employees experiencing domestic violence beyond the five days of unpaid leave set down by the Fair Work Commission in March this year.

ALDI noted in a post that it "stands opposed to domestic violence in all of its forms and we acknowledge that as an employer we have a responsibility to help drive change".

"We want to ensure that any ALDI employee who may be experiencing domestic violence has our full support," the company noted.

The recently introduced ALDI Family and Domestic Violence Policy outlines a number of measures designed to offer practical assistance to any employee in need. These include:

>> 10 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave annually for full-time and part-time employees (in addition to annual leave, sick/personal leave and compassionate leave entitlements). Casual employees may take 10 days of unpaid leave.

>> A one-off payment of $250 for incidental expenses associated with Family and Domestic Violence.

>> Assistance in accessing various support services, including access to our specially trained Family and Domestic Violence Supporters.

>> Assistance in changing work location if requested and where possible.

>> Access to other leave entitlements such as annual leave, personal/carers’ leave, long service leave, other accrued time or leave without pay in accordance with policies relating to these types of leave in order to attend to matters arising from Family and Domestic Violence.

“We recognise that family and domestic violence affects thousands of Australian families, including some of our own employees. Our new policy has been introduced to ensure that our valued workforce has easy access to support in situations where they are impacted by family and domestic violence. Our goal is to provide a supportive workplace that promotes respect and the prevention of all forms of violence,” said Viktor Jakupec, Managing Director at ALDI Australia.

Karen Willis, Executive Officer, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia added: “Domestic violence is a crime which we all have a responsibility to challenge and change. ALDI is taking a very important leadership role by supporting employees experiencing family or domestic violence. Through their policy, ALDI are making a strong statement that they are here to help any employee experiencing this terrible crime. The options available as part of this policy are exemplary, assisting employees to access relevant support as they need it." 

ALDI concluded: "As an Employer of Choice, we are proud to be taking a stance on this important topic by providing our workforce of 12,000 employees access to this policy. Working conditions at ALDI are considered to be some of the best in the industry with employee benefits including salaries well above market rates, comprehensive training, an employee wellness program, and paid maternity leave."