20 February, 2019

CCA's Jessica Woodward: the big trends in drinks digital

CCA's Jessica Woodward: the big trends in drinks digital

We sat down with Coca-Cola Amatil's new Head of Digital, Alcohol & Coffee, Jessica Woodward, to pick her brain on the future of drinks in the digital space. 

It was fascinating to get Jessica's insights on how innnovations such as geo locating will revolutionise drinks marketing. 

Smart Company recently noted: "As customers are demanding enhanced personalisation, geo-location is one of the most exciting opportunities for marketers. 

"Want a user to do something when they’re in a certain area, visit a particular store, or scan a barcode or image? Geo-location could make it happen. Because of the level of personalisation and accuracy geo-location can provide, it’s the kind of technology that could differentiate customer experience and loyalty proposition from that of competitors."

Jessica has been living and breathing digital innovation since 2003, in both the UK and APAC markets. She has an agency and client side background and has worked on amazing brands including Audi, Warner Bros, Mars, Universal Pictures and Samsung. She was also CCA Head of Digital & eCommerce across its Australian beverages business for two years before stepping into her new role. 

Here's what she had to say: 

What prompted CCA to appoint a Head of Digital for Alcohol & Coffee?

The business saw the changing market both from a consumer engagement and customer sell-through perspective and identified the need to better utilise digital tactics to drive growth. 

We want to better use of data and analytics to drive insights and optimise our go-to market plans for brands in this market.

What are your immediate priorities in the role?

I'll be working in marketing to support brand teams in leveraging digital paid/owned/earned activations. 

I also plan on introducing better analytics and real-time reporting to our business. 

Have you discovered challenges that are particular to the drinks industry? 

Coming from the CCA beverages/soft drink business it is really interesting to understand the mix between on and off premise and to think about how sales and marketing tactics differ in these two channels.

I'm also looking at ways to leverage data to drive more effective marketing via time of day, day of week and geo-located targeting to reduce wastage.

Ensuring we are promoting our brands responsibly and understanding the requirements from the industry is also really critical.

What are some of the major ways digital is transforming the drinks industry?  
It's creating the ability for social and influencers to drive trends in consumption, not just brands but also cocktails and food and beverage pairings. 

Do different platforms appeal to different demographics? Which digital mediums is CCA exploring?

Totally, we cannot use a one size fits all approach for our brand portfolio as it is so vast and we have to engage with individual demographics effectively.

We already have a strong social presence for a lot of our brands across Facebook and Instagram, but we are exploring how we can leverage platforms like Snapchat. It's also vital to extend our reach in social by engaging key influencers and better utilising media partners.

We are working with our retail partners to ensure we close the loop to sale and can optimise and collaborate with our content and social activations throught the path to purchase across their digital channels also.

Digital advertising is taking increasing prominence for the drinks industry, is that true for CCA? 

Yes, with a lot of our target audiences being millennials and by understanding that mobile, digital and social is such a big part of their media consumption mix – we are looking at increasing investment into digital to ensure we actively engage shoppers.

It is really critical that we think about our ROI and clear benchmarks for any campaign we put to market, so are working on a strategic framework to evaluate any media opportunities to ensure a strong CTA and optimised path to purchase as part of our campaigns.

What are some of CCA's most successful digital initiatives?

We work really closely with the Coca Cola Company and respect a lot of what they do in the consumer social media space, best practise reporting/community management as well as best in class content creation.

From a B2B perspective we have ramped up our ecommerce offering to deliver a frictionless experience for customers to order products from CCA.  We have also introduced email marketing and actively contact 80%+ of our customer base via email and sms channels so we can keep them up to date on our NPD, promotions and also business service messages.

What do you see as the biggest trends in digital for 2017?

Definitely the continued importance of the customer at the heart of our business decisions to ensure we deliver the right experience for each individual need. This is of course enabled via data driven marketing and sales initiatives.

I am personally really interested in the growth of machine learning and automation and how these trends will shape the future workplace of Australian businesses.