22 January, 2020

Nielsen to launch new liquor service in Australia

Nielsen to launch new liquor service in Australia

Nielsen has announced that it is creating a new liquor measurement service in Australia.

The new service - slated to be switched on in 2019 - will include core liquor measurement solutions, as well as fold in Nielsen’s global and broader measurement capabilities across sports, media and e-commerce services, to name a few. 

The news follows a recent announcement by Woolworths, which confirmed it had awarded its data measurement contracts to Nielsen and Quantium.

Nielsen’s Pacific Head of Product, Bernie Hughes, said the new liquor service is being built with the liquor industry’s needs at its core.

“Over the past 12 months, the team at Nielsen has held over 20 exploratory conversations with various stakeholders across the Australian liquor industry," he noted. "The very open conversations have allowed us to understand measurement pain points and requirements of the individual companies, as well as the broader industry, enabling us to build innovative and relevant solutions that are ready to take the liquor industry into the future.” 

The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon added: “We are pleased with the time that Nielsen has spent over the past 12 months getting to know our industry and our members’ needs. We encourage the industry to keep providing feedback on their needs and look forward to hearing more from Nielsen on their new liquor measurement service over the coming months.”

Nielsen’s Pacific CEO, Justin Sargent, said he is looking forward to Nielsen working closer with the Australian liquor industry.

“The team at Nielsen are passionate about the Australian liquor industry and now is the right time for us to bring our global and local knowledge and capabilities to this market and support this industry for healthy growth into the future,” concluded Sargent.

Further details on the new liquor measurement service will be made available shortly. 

Nielsen is a Corporate Partner of The Drinks Association. If you have any thoughts or ideas for Nielsen, they welcome your input. Contact: Bernard.Hughes@nielsen.com