26 January, 2020

On-premise trialling key to off-premise purchase

On-premise trialling key to off-premise purchase

Shopper Intelligence has conducted Australia's first comprehensive on-premise shopping behaviour survey.

The 2018 On Premise Liquor Survey interviewed 1300 patrons, covering all demographics, buying behaviour, purchase triggers, drinks paths and venue paths across key liquor and venue types.

Shopper Intelligence is the new name for Shopper Tracker, the only international benchmarking system built on what shoppers think, want and do.

The company launched 10 years ago in Australian grocery, and is now in 10 countries across grocery, liquor, convenience and pharmacy channels in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, South Africa.

"The age old question is: does on-premise trial of brands translate to purchasing in the off-premise? And if so by how much?" said Oliver Cast, Senior Insights Director at Shopper Intelligence.

"On average, 73% of on premise patrons are 'likely' to buy a brand they tried in on premise in the off trade. This intention to buy in the off premise varies across venue types and liquor categories."

Looking at the wine perspective, Cast said most suppliers face strong objection to ranging 'well-known brands' on wine lists due to the price premium paid in the on premise versus off trade.

"However, we discovered that the majority of wine drinkers want well known brands on the list despite the price premium to off premise," he said.

"Again this varies by wine type and venue type but on premise patrons want the choice of well known brands as they know what they are paying for – albeit at a premium to the bottleshop."

According to Cast, the survey has received strong feedback from clients, proving some gut feel insights to be true as well as uncovering deeper levels of insights that fundamentally change current go to market approaches.

Access to the report and presentation session is available by contacting Nancy Truscott on Nancy.truscott@shopperintelligence.com.au

Shopper Intelligence is a Corporate Partner of The Drinks Association.