20 February, 2019

Step into the mind of the liquor shopper

Step into the mind of the liquor shopper

Getting an insight into the behavioural activity of the liquor shopper could be the missing piece in your sales and marketing plan. Find out how the drinks association’s Shopper Tracker service can help take your brand to the next level.


What is Shopper Tracker?
Shopper Tracker Liquor provides independent, objective metrics of shopper behaviour and the needs/perceptions explaining behaviour in off trade liquor.  It covers core segments in all key retail banners across all key metrics, including the importance and performance of shopper needs across occasion and mission, category, path to purchase, point of purchase, decision hierarchy, consumption metrics and shopper profiling.  It also delivers value from the following:
* Benchmarking: the ability to prioritise investment opportunities by retailer banner and category;
* Metrics hardwired to activation: providing the ‘Why Shoppers behave the way they do’ in order to explain the ‘What they do’ often found in other data sources such as scan sales;
*Common and objective language with liquor suppliers using industry standard metrics; Many liquor retailers use the program for category planning and optimisation. It provides a quicker and stronger alignment with retailers in joint business planning, category reviews and category development initiatives as a trusted source of information – an independent voice of the shopper.

How does it work?
Shopper Tracker interviews over 23,000 shoppers per year across 31 core categories including Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cider and Pre-Mix, as well as 11 retail banners.  Field work runs every year for at least seven months and is then combined for reporting each March. Having a consistent time period allows for reporting on trends for both identification of issues and opportunities as well as setting KPI’s in teams. 
Interviews are conducted with shoppers within the three days following their most recent liquor shopping trip via online surveys conducted on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. A minimum of 100 shoppers per category, per retailer are interviewed to ensure a robust sample of data is available for further interrogation. This captures not only category level data, but also brand, segment, price band and pack type information.

Why is understanding shopper behaviour so important?
Understanding the underlying motivation of shoppers is critical to influence behaviour. This insight can then be applied to optimise all elements of the retail offer, from improving sales conversion, building image perceptions, how to drive trade up and building greater loyalty to store through non-price triggers. Equally for suppliers, while a consumer might also be the shopper on some missions, the decisions they are making on the shop are very different to those made in a consumption mindset. 
Understanding a shopper’s purchasing decisions is critical to optimise how and where to best focus investment pre-store and in-store. It can also help brands to further differentiate their offer based on what’s most important to shoppers along the path to purchase. When both retailers and suppliers work in unison to understand what makes their shoppers tick, and the triggers to change behaviour, the opportunity to both grow category value and a brand’s sales is maximised. 

Why subscribe to the Shopper Tracker service?
There are many ways Shopper Tracker can help the drinks industry.  From a base level subscription, through to full depth access, bespoke deep dive analysis, consulting and building capability in teams through workshops, there is something for all businesses and budgets.
the drinks association offers an in-house subscription, providing access to all 31 categories across the 11 major retail banners covered at a reduced rate. A “State of the Nation” report is produced at the end of each period, along with five further reports for Beer/ Wine/ Spirits/ RTDs/ Cider, each covering all relevant segments and banners. A detailed summary is then presented at the drinks association’s annual Shopper Tracker forum. For information on pricing and access, click HERE

For members seeking an even deeper level of insight, contact the Shopper Tracker team to upgrade to a Full Depth subscription. Visit www.shoppertracker.com.au for more information.