22 January, 2020

Industry leaders honoured at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards

Industry leaders honoured at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards

Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Diageo and Lion have won the Contribution to Industry awards at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. 

The Contribution to Industry category was added this year to align with the industry’s focus on diversity, inclusion and social responsibility.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award acknowledges the work drinks companies are doing to promote positive social and environmental change.

Pernod Ricard Winemakers won the inaugural Corporate Responsibility Award for its Responsib’All Day initiative, which was created to find ways to get all employees, from directors to line workers, personally engaged in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts, integrate sustainability into everyone’s job.

Pictured: Pernod Ricard Australia CEO Bryan Fry volunteering for Responsib'All Day.  

Endeavour Drinks Group sponsored the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Michael Jackson, Director - Merchandising, Marketing & Customer Insights EDG, noted: “It was a pleasure to sponsor and present the first CSR award at the Australian Drinks Awards. The award is a reflection of how all our businesses are changing and how important CSR is now to our curious customer. I look forward to seeing the industry evolve in this space over the coming years.”

The Gender Equity Award was introduced to celebrate excellence in gender equity initiatives and programs in the workplace.

The award recognises organisations that demonstrate excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating gender equity in the workplace including engagement of women in the workplace, attraction and retention strategies for women, flexible work practices, training and development for women and returning to the workplace programs.

Diageo won the inaugural Gender Equity trophy for its intiatives around making inclusion key to its business.

The company has an ambition to get to 40% female representation at executive level (already achieved), and 50% leadership levels by 2025. 

The Gender Equity award was sponsored by Aon.

“At Aon we believe in taking action today for a brighter future and as a leading HR consultancy, we are passionate about people,” said Aon Channel & Market Development head Simon Wolnizer. 

“What better way to bring these together than recognising the actions taken by members of The Drinks Association. We are thrilled to be the sponsor of the very first Gender Equity Award at the Australian Drinks Awards and look forward to learning from Diageo and celebrating their success.”

The Inclusive & Diverse Workplace Award was created to recognise businesses that prioritise diversity and understand the value of an inclusive workplace for individuals and their organisations.

The entrants all demonstrated excellence in initiatives and strategies facilitating a diverse and inclusive workplace including wellbeing initiatives, fair and equitable treatment of employees and corporate values/principles that incorporate cultural change to diversity and inclusion.

Lion won the inaugural Inclusive & Diverse Workplace trophy at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards for its LionFlex flexible work options initiative.

The Inclusive & Diverse Workplace award was sponsored by Coles Liquor.

“Attracting the best possible people to the industry means recognising that broadening your diversity range opens you up to a whole new world of potential talent,” said Cathi Scarce, Acting Director Liquor. “We sponsored the award as it is through our own belief in this that we have seen some fantastic people come into our business offering diversity of thought and experience that has enabled us to continue on our growth journey as a business. 

“It’s just a plain fact that any business that wants to thrive must be future fit and this means recognising that a diverse and inclusive workplace will give you the best possible chance of keeping the industry growing.

“I couldn't be more pleased or proud to see Lion named as the winner of the inaugural award. It's through the commitment of businesses such as Lion that people see the drinks industry as a wonderful place to have a career and the many opportunities that are available ensuring the success of the drinks industry for many years to come.”

The Australian Drinks Awards are an initiative by The Drinks Association to celebrate excellence in the drinks industry. The 2018 awards were held at the Ivy Ballroom, Sydney, on September 13.