26 January, 2020

The world's best drinks companies for gender equity

The world's best drinks companies for gender equity

Diageo has been named the world's best drinks company when it comes to gender equality according to a report by Equileap.

Equileap is a gender equity data and insight group. Its study looked at 3000 companies world wide and gave them a grade using criteria such as leadership, career development, work-life balance, pay and family leave.

Only three drinks industry companies made the Top 200:

No.11: Diageo

No.29: Woolworths Australia

No.160: Molson Coors Brewing USA

Diageo recently won the Gender Equity Award at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards. The award was introduced by The Drinks Association to celebrate excellence in gender equity initiatives and programs in the workplace.

"Creating a work environment with a diverse mix of people, where everyone feels totally comfortable to be their authentic selves not only makes Diageo a great place to work that attracts the very best talent, it makes sure everyone is giving their very best and enjoying it," said David Smith, MD Diageo Australia. "This in turn drives brilliant performance.

"We’ve had a sustained focus on gender diversity in recent years and from listening to our employees, we’ve designed programs and policies to support greater gender equality and there’s a lot to be proud of.

"My Executive Team is 50% female and 50% male. Likewise our Leadership Team, the 30 or so people who report directly into the Exec Team are also 50% female, 50% male.

"We consistently have no gender pay gap and in the last 12 months we’ve had four or five new dads from varying functions and levels all take parental care leave for between 4-6 months. We’ve worked with each employee to make the policy flex to their requirements whether that’s full-time parental leave, part time parental leave, or a combination. We now ask everyone who is becoming a parent regardless of gender, ‘what type of leave will you take?’

"We’ve got a strong focus on balance, wellbeing and connection, and we encourage our people to manage their energy not their time. We support this through a flexible work philosophy that allows employees to work in the way that works best for them to deliver the outcomes they and the business strive for."

The world's No.1 company for gender equality

General Motors (GM) was named the world’s best company when it comes to gender equality. It topped last year’s title holder, cosmetic company L’Oreal.

GM took top honors this year because it was the only company to have a female CEO and have an equal number of men and women on its board. The company is also one of just two other global giants that have implemented pay equality across all levels, including low-level employees and top executives. GM also offers flexible work locations and has policies in place to prevent workplace sexual violence.

That commitment to diversity also extends to GM’s supply chain, where it promotes diversity as well.

The top 20 worldwide were:

Australia leads the world 

Australia had the fourth highest number of companies in the Top 200. 

The Aussie top 10 were:

No.7:  Westpac 

No. 8: National Australia Bank 

No.13: Stockland 

No.22: Commonwealth Bank Of

No.29: Woolworths

No.31: Mirvac

No.35: Origin Energy

No.36: Vicinity Centres 3

No.37: Caltex Australia

No.48: Rea Group 

Pictured main: Diageo Australia's extended leadership team.