19 March, 2019

Invitation: explore the new Ad Watch platform

Invitation: explore the new Ad Watch platform

After two years of consultation with the drinks industry, the drinks association - in conjunction with Ebiquity - has launched its new Ad Watch platform.

A presentation to introduce members to its features will be held on July 5.

Included will be an update on the services Ebiquity provides the drinks association members and a demonstration of the new platform for Retail Price Point Tracking and Alcohol Brand Advertising.

This is a great opportunity to understand the extended functionality and reporting options now available. 

There will also be a group discussion on what members want from Ebiquity's services and how they can be enhanced. 


WHERE: Ebiquity, Level 10, 50 Miller Street, North Sydney
WHEN: Wednesday, July 5, 2017
TIME: 11am – 12 noon
RSVP: email Kathy Sloan at kathys@drinks.asn.au