24 March, 2019

Nielsen honored as top company for diversity & inclusion

Nielsen honored as top company for diversity & inclusion

Nielsen has earned the No.32 ranking on the 2017 DiversityInc Top 50 list for corporate diversity and inclusion.

It's Nielsen's fourth consecutive year of moving up on the annual ranking of companies in the US that excel in hiring, retaining and promoting women, minorities, people with disabilities and LGBT.

It was also one of 19 companies listed on DiversityInc's Top Companies for Global Diversity.
"Combining shared values and objectives with diverse backgrounds and experiences drive growth, strength and innovation," said Nielsen CEO Mitch Barns. "Nielsen greatly appreciates the direction and benchmarks provided by DiversityInc's process, and it is an honor to be recognised for this important work."

Tracking representation, retention and developmental opportunities for employees has been a key factor in the improvements seen in its internal diversity and inclusion practices. For instance, the company's Diverse Leadership Network (DLN)—an 18-month leadership development program created in 2013 designed to grow, mentor and challenge high-potential associates—celebrates a trend where 100% of the program graduates have moved into new roles within the company, with a 95% retention rate. In 2016, Nielsen launched a sponsorship program for high potential diverse talent where even CEO Mitch Barns participates. 

Similarly, the company has created highly successful programs to mentor and support diverse suppliers.  Across 66 countries, 93% of Nielsen's people managers received foundational diversity and inclusion training that was led in partnership with a minority-owned supplier. In addition, the company tapped a women-owned diverse supplier to provide more than 1,400 Unconscious Bias training sessions to teams across the globe.

Nielsen also invests resources in producing thought leadership on the impact and importance of the population shifts taking place around the world. 

"As cultures intertwine and demographics shift, the products and services that appeal to consumers are also changing," said Nielsen Chief Diversity Officer Angela Talton.  "Our associates help us understand those consumers more clearly, and we are able to help our clients understand them, as well. At Nielsen, diversity is far more than what you see; it is inclusive of diverse ideas, experiences, talents, backgrounds and cultural nuances.   When we leverage those differences, we are able to provide superior results for our clients."

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