26 January, 2020

2018 AdAs celebrate Corporate Social Responsibility

2018 AdAs celebrate Corporate Social Responsibility

Is your company proud to have championed a socially responsible initiative in the past year?

The Drinks Association is calling for submissions in the Corporate Social Responsibility Award category of the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards (ADAs).

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award is new to the ADAs and has been introduced to acknowledge the work drinks companies are doing to promote positive social and environmental change.

The Drinks Association CEO Georgia Lennon said that even small acts have a big impact, and urged drinks companies of all sizes to enter. 

"This is a growing industry full of conscientious companies who want to make a difference to the world of alcoholic beverages as well as sustainability," Lennon noted. "This award highlights the achievements of those companies who are doing great things in this respect."

Entry is recommended for organisations who demonstrate excellence in initiatives and strategies such as responsible drinking, support of environment, community and/or charity and corporate values/principles that incorporate being a socially responsible organisation.  

This could be any outward facing program or initiative that focusses on any or all of community, environment, charity, responsible drinking and health and wellbeing.

"I encourage companies with initiatives that advance sustainable practices or have a view to promoting social responsibility to enter as a way of not only being recognised for their work, but also to share best practice within the industry," Lennon said. 

Why the industry advocates for corporate social responsibilty

A number of drinks industry executives were involved in the evolution of three Contribution to Industry Awards at the ADAs - a Gender Equity Award, Inclusive & Diverse Workplace Award and the Corporate Social Responsibility Award. 

Michelle Phipps, Vice President Human Resources APAC, Brown-Forman (pictured above with Women in Drinks Council Chair Jennifer Collins), was among those who contributed to the creation of the new awards. She believes they are a positive step forward for the industry.

"I'm thrilled to see the ADAs turn their attention to the work drinks companies are doing in the corporate social responsibility sphere," she said. "Entering the category is a great way to engage employees who advance these practices!"

She noted that the company that wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award category would be doing something that epitomises the values and beliefs of responsibility, sustainablity, social consciousness and longevity.

"The drinks industry has always been about producing and distributing products that should be enjoyed responsibly," she said. "This award will highlight best practices but also drives and recognises the need for corporate social responsibility to be part of company accountability, in some cases more so than fiduciary responsibility."

How to enter
Entry in the Contribution to Industry Awards is via submission and is open to both member and non-member companies. Companies will be asked to provide a brief overview of a challenge their organisation faced or the motivation behind a socially responsible initiative/program and the outcome.
To request submission documents, email The Drinks Association on awards@drinks.asn.au. Submissions close on June 22, 2018. 
The 2018 Australian Drinks Awards will be held on Thursday, September 13, at The Ivy in Sydney.