22 January, 2020

Australian Drinks Awards welcomes BevChain as a sponsor

Australian Drinks Awards welcomes BevChain as a sponsor

The Drinks Association is thrilled to welcome BevChain as the sponsor of its inaugural Distinctive Brand of the Year Award at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards.

Distinctive Brand of the Year is one of three new consumer judged awards at the Australian Drinks Awards, alongside Fan Favourite and Emerging Brand of the Year. 

"As an important cog in the broader beverage supply chain landscape, BevChain takes a great deal of interest in what industry players are doing in their own businesses and market segments," explained Josh Morris, BevChain Group Manager – Strategy & Corporate Development.

"We’d expect winners in the most distinctive brand category to be pushing the creative boundaries in the way they express their brand and its attributes in the market, and we’re keen to celebrate those achievements with them." 

BevChain is an associate member of The Drinks Association and provides national tailored supply chain solutions for the beverage industry across Australia with ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution services.

"As the industry-solution for the drinks trade, BevChain puts tremendous value on being able to engage with our customers beyond the day-to-day direct contact we enjoy," Morris added.

"The Drinks Association, through the forums, events and introductions it provides, enables us to get involved in the industry-wide conversation. The more deeply we understand what’s going in our customers’ world, the better placed we are to continue to evolve our solutions to ensure we continue to create exceptional supply-chain value within our customers businesses."

Most Distinctive Brand of The Year will be judged via a survey of 4000 target consumers conducted by Thrive Insights. 

According to Thrive Insights Director Chris Papadimitriou, the Most Distinctive Brand of the Year award recognises individuality and character as it is perceived by the consumer and demonstrates that the brand is regarded by consumers as providing a unique offering.

"This award presents an opportunity for brands that are doing things differently to be acknowledged and celebrated," he said. 

The Australian Drinks Awards will be held at The Ivy Ballroom, Sydney, on September 13, 2018. 

"The BevChain team is excited, as always, to ditch the high-vis for the night to get out and celebrate with the industry," Morris said. "Let’s be honest, celebrating is an area the drinks businesses excel at, so we’re always up for being part of that!"