23 January, 2020

The Drinks Association expands Retail Ad Watch

The Drinks Association expands Retail Ad Watch

The Drinks Association and Ebiquity have announced an upgrade to the Retail Ad Watch Database to allow direct bulk exports. 

The Retail Ad Watch service collects and collates retail drinks advertising on a daily basis across 289 metropolitan, regional and suburban newspapers and catalogues. 

Previously the service allowed users to search and export more than 20,000 lines of data. 

The improved service allows searches of up to 500,000 lines of data. The results are emailed directly to users’ inboxes within 30 minutes.

“In our continuing efforts to meet members’ appetite for Drinks Ad Watch data we have expanded the capability of Portfolio to allow the export of up to half a million lines of data,” explained Aaron Rigby, Director of Client Services – Ad Intel.

The new limit gives enormous flexibility and depth to the database and allows for the export of around 12 months of advertisements at every price point.  

“Previously, analysing large data sets required multiple exports from the platform" said Client Services Manager James Ravestijn. "Now you’re able to download multiple years of price points for a single alcohol group, which makes doing year on year reports a lot easier.” 

For more information, please contact James on jamesr@drinks.asn.au.